Gas Governance Review

Gas Governance Review The gas sector is currently co-regulated by the Government and industry-owned Gas Industry Company (GIC). This co-regulation has been the case since 2004, though major gas outages last year have raised the question, do we need to rethink this governance model? In our recent report for the Major Electricity [...]

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State-owned enterprises in Georgia

State-owned enterprises in Georgia The New Zealand government currently owns thirteen state-owned enterprises (SOEs). The Georgian government on the other hand owns approximately 160 SOEs with a further 70-plus owned by local government. Over the last year, TDB director Phil Barry has had the opportunity to work on behalf of the International [...]

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Productivity in the electricity lines sector

Productivity in the electricity lines sector One of the biggest challenges the New Zealand economy faces is how to boost its productivity. By increasing the output that is produced with a given amount of resources, increased productivity means we can all be better off. We were surprised, therefore, to see the Commerce [...]

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The Wellbeing Framework

The Wellbeing Framework The Government’s wellbeing approach to its budget and policy-making has been held up as a world-leading new approach. But how new is it really, and most importantly, will it actually make us better off? In a recent article in the NBR, TDB Director Phil Barry discusses some of the [...]

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