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Review of claims forecasting model

Expert independent advice on the overseas investment regime

Strategic advice on funding

Assessment of aspects of changes to the Takeovers Code

Review of the scope of the NZ Debt Management Office
Review of Export Credit Office
Review of National Infrastructure Plan
Review of cost of capital of Housing NZ

Expert financial advice on SkyCity negotiations
Review of policies for funding scientific research overheads

Chair of strategic reviews of AgResearch and Plant & Food Research

Advice on pricing and cost-recovery under the Animal Products Act
Advice on harmonisation of cost-recovery across NZFSA’s activities

Assistance with framework for monitoring economic recovery
Economic appraisals of Anchor Projects

Advice on Treasury’s guidelines for setting prices in the public sector
Independent advice on housing policy

Cost-benefit analysis of options for improving compliance and enforcement of hazardous substances regime

Review of business case of Hobsonville Land Co
Cost-benefit analysis of possible interventions in the home-insurance market

Expert advice on the reviews of the life insurance industry and of the courts system

Expert advice on vehicle licensing reform

Strategic review of proposed property transfers

Review of claim handling expenses

Strategic review of Correction’s Inmates Employment program

Chair of strategic reviews of Environmental Science & Research and GNS Science

Strategic review of school housing policies and practices

Advice on cost recovery under the Meat Industry Act







Local Government


Maori Economy

Not for profits

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