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Transactional Advice

Expert advice on valuing, buying and selling corporate assets and securities.

Independent valuation of a major asset

Independent valuation of Chow Group Limited

Scoping study for unsolicited takeover offer

Lead advisor on acquisition of Manufacturing Suppliers Limited

Independent expert report under Takeovers Code

Independent valuations of the Income shares

Valuations of alternative uses of Waitaki catchment water
Valuations of hydroelectricity and irrigation options

Lead advisor on potential acquisition

Economic valuations of major electricity generation investment opportunities
Lead advisor on potential acquisition

Lead advisor on sell-back to Crown of rail freight and ferry businesses

Independent valuer’s report under the Takeovers Code

Estimation of economic benefits from tax pooling

Consolidated financial valuation of subsidiaries

Independent assessment of proposed irrigation scheme

Advice on pros and cons of amalgamating assets with Wellington councils
Scoping a potential merger of infrastructure businesses

Investment portfolio advice
Valuation and divestment of agribusiness assets

Valuation of water rights and consents

Expert financial advice on funding and financial modelling arrangements

Valuation of start-up dairy processor and assessment of partial takeover offer



Pricing and
Cost Recovery

Treasury and Risk Management


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