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Corporate Valuation

Valuations of corporate assets and securities

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expert review of valuation methodologies

Expert review of valuation methodologies
Independent valuation of a major asset

Review of Fonterra’s asset beta

Review of Fonterra’s asset beta

Governance, risk modelling and advice

Valuation of start-up dairy processor and assessment of partial takeover offer

Economic valuations of major electricity generation investment opportunities
Independent valuation of company pre-IPO

Expert advice on Commerce Commission review of WACC

Valuation of water rights and consents

Independent valuations of the Income shares

Advice on cost of capital, capital structure and financial policy

Valuations of alternative uses of Waitaki catchment water
Valuations of hydroelectricity and irrigation options

Valuation and divestment of agribusiness assets

Valuation and divestment of agribusiness assets

Consolidated financial valuations of subsidiaries

Consolidated financial valuation of subsidiaries

Investment appraisals on agribusiness transactions

Valuation and exit strategy advice

Independent valuer's report under the Takeovers Code

Independent valuer’s report under the Takeovers Code




Treasury & Risk Management


Pricing and Cost Recovery

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