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Pricing and Cost-Recovery

Expertise in pricing policies and cost recovery.

Review of WACC for Auckland International Airport Ltd

Strategic advice on funding

Expert advice on funding of the Fire Service

Review of regulatory pricing proposals of the Civil Aviation Authority

Advice on Treasury’s guidelines for setting prices in the public sector

Investigation into nodal pricing in the wholesale electricity market

Advice on optimal liability arrangements in New Zealand’s electricity markets

Advice on pricing and cost-recovery under the Animal Products Act
Advice on harmonisation of cost recovery across NZFSA’s activities

Advice on pricing principles and cost recovery in the courts system

Advice on pricing principles and cost-recovery in the courts system

Advice on cost recovery under the Meat Industry Act

Advice on cost recovery under the Meat Industry Act

Independent expert financial advice on the track-access charge arbitration hearing

Lead advisor on sell-back to the Crown
Advice on pricing strategy
Mediation on transfer pricing
Expert advisor on rail access charge arbitration

Review of EQC’s forecast claim handling expenses




Treasury and Risk Management


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