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Investment Strategy

Advice on portfolio optimisation and appraisal of specific investment and divestment opportunities

First gas investment

Confidential appraisal of an investment opportunity

Investment strategy review

Investment strategy review

Investment strategy advice

Investment strategy advice
Developed financial strategy model
Advised on investment opportunities

Investment strategy and financial management and budgeting advice

Investment strategy advice
Financial management and budgeting

Investment strategy and advice on weighted average cost of capital

Advice on weighted average cost of capital
Financial strategy model development

Confidential client TDB Advisory

Investment review

Investment appraisals on agribusiness transactions

Valuation and exit strategies advice

Lead advisor on potential acquisition

Lead adviser on potential acquisition

Wholesale trading, risk management reviews and lead advisor on potential acquisition

Appraisals of major investment opportunities

Lead advisor on acquisition and Treasury policy review

Lead advisor on acquisition of Manufacturing Suppliers Ltd

Toll TDB Advisory

Lead advisor on sell-back to Crown




Pricing and
Cost Recovery

Treasury & Risk Management

Corporate Valuation

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