Social investment – Stand with Children

Social investment – Stand with Children

Under its social investment approach, the government is looking to take a longer-term perspective on its social expenditures. But it also expects organisations that receive taxpayer funding to demonstrate they are delivering results.  Stand for Children is a not-for-profit entity that seeks to transform the lives of at-risk children aged 5 to 12. Stand asked TDB to review its effectiveness using the social investment framework. TDB found Stand was typically reaching the kind of children that needed its help and that the service was, on average, associated with a positive impact on the children Stand served. We concluded that if Stand has a material positive impact on approximately one in six of the children referred to it, not only will the child and its family be better off but the government will “break-even” on its investment. If Stand can exceed this standard, it will generate a positive financial return for the government through less need for welfare support, health care and corrections services over the children’s lifetime.

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