Iwi investment


Iwi Investment

Our latest Iwi Investment Report reviews a challenging year, with iwi assets impacted by COVID-19. Hibernating tourism businesses, empty hotels, exports sitting in the harbour and volatile financial markets each left their mark. Of the nine iwi in our report (including Ngāti Pāhauwera for the first time):

  • three large iwi had negative returns on assets for the first time;
  • four achieved positive but below benchmark returns; and
  • two achieved returns above the benchmark.

Many of the iwi have continued to diversify their asset base through direct investments in new sectors, further investments in managed funds, or by developing new investment opportunities in sectors where they already have a presence. What strategies were successful in 2020 and what are iwi doing to improve returns and manage their risks into the future? Find out in our Iwi Investment Report below.

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