Councils’ heritage policies


Councils’ heritage policies

In a recent report for the Voluntary Heritage Group, TDB analysed the policies and practices of all 67 district councils in relation to heritage properties – including for Heritage New Zealand Pouhere Taonga (HNZPT) and non-HNZPT heritage-listed sites. We explored for each district council:

  • how many heritage sites the council lists in its Plan in addition to those identified by HNZPT;
  • how many heritage sites are private residences;
  • whether listing of a heritage site by the council requires the agreement of the landowner; and
  • what specific rules there are for owners of private residences listed as a heritage site.

We found practices differed widely across councils, with ten councils only listing properties of national significance (i.e., Heritage New Zealand Pouhere Taonga (HNZPT) listed sites) and another nine councils only listing non-residential properties of local significance. Five councils require the property owners’ consent before they will designate a property of heritage value.

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